Natasia Mukash has been an active artist since an early age. She is a self-taught Artist who is inspired by her Culture, Eeyou Istchees and the People who reside in it. Her background is Cree and Abenaki Ancestry and lived mostly among the Cree of Whapmagoostui Qc. Canada. Her artwork is inspired by her Cree Culture and the teachings of her Ancestors. 
​She is wife to Matthew Iserhoff, Musician and mother to 4 beautiful and talented children. Together with their love of the arts they have raised their children at home surrounded by music and visual arts. Two of their daughters have become full-time artists at ages 19 and 17. Everyone works out of their home studio in Whapmagoostui Qc, Canada where they continue to be inspired by their Culture and land that surrounds them. 

Natasia's artworks are extensive and vary from portraits to landscapes of her home community to her popular Goose Series. 
 Media and Publications                                                                                          
    CREEative Eeyouch: 14 James Bay Cree artists July 2015
    Highlights from a radio series showcasing Eeyou Istchee artists..Featured on number 8 of 14 slides..
    Slide #8 The White Wizard
    Air Creebec Magazine 09/01/2015 Read Pages 24/25
    Eeyou Istchee is home to some of the world’s most beautiful and pristine landscapes. And the territory serves as inspiration to            Natasia Mukash, who depicts its rivers, forests, and animals in bright, electric colors.
    N'we Jinan Festival 2016
​    Celebrating the talent in Eeyou Istchee and beyond! June 24 & 25th in the Cree Nation of Mistissini.
    Cree Nation Youth Council
   Welcome! I am a full-time visual artist of Cree/Abenaki background.  My artwork is based on my spirit of my culture and my              people.
    New Artwork for Awash Team in Eeyou Istchees 2017
    Natasia Mukash painting represents the life process. From the beginning of conception (left), to carrying a child and birth (center)      and family and to Elders and community support (far right). Geese choose one life partner in their lifetime. They protect each              other and create life and family just like we do. They carry the message of life, family, love and spirit.
    Whapmagoostui artists draw attention at Aboriginal arts exhibition 2016
    A recent art exhibit in Quebec’s Eastern Townships featured a mother-daughter duo from Whapmagoostui. Natasia and Saige            Mukash stole the show during the month-long “Aboriginal Women’s Art: A Celebration” event at Studio Georgeville.